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Our Mission is a free service offered to the world's horsing and equestrian community. Through owners of horse-related websites can register their sites in our directory. After your site is registered and approved by our editorial staff, it will then be available to the thousands of internet users that visit us daily. Again, this is a free service. Our goal is simply to improve the connection between people that provide horse-related information, services, and products and those that seek them.

Dinnell Teri -

Horse Race North Dakota -

Idaho Appaloosa Racing Association -
The official website of the Idaho Appaloosa Racing Association.

Idaho Quarter Horse Association -

Indian Charlie Worldwide -
We Never Let The Truth Get In The Way Of A Good Story

Luitpold Animal Health -
Sound horses have balanced joint function for a wide range of motion and activity. But the wear and tear of daily use, a misstep, incorrect shoeing or abnormal forces, over time, can cause trauma and disrupt the natural cycle of “wear and repair” within the joint.

Modwest, Inc. -
Our award-winning hosting plans are designed for developers like you, and trusted by businesses around the world. Each comes with a full set of tools and features to simplify the management, monitoring, and development of your site.

Montana Quarter Horse Association -

Montana Simulcast Partners -
Montana Simulcast Partners manages simulcast racing at all sites in Montana. For more information go to their web site.

North Dakota Quarter Horse Racing Association -
The North Dakota Quarter Horse Racing Association (NDQHRA) is a non-profit corporation that promotes racing and breeding the American Quarter Horse, as registered by the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) in North Dakota. The NDQHRA strives to institute or aid any movement that improves and protects the interests of race horse owners, breeders, and trainers and their employees

Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Racing Association -

Ralph Young -

Rocky Mountain Quarter Horse Association -
The purpose of this Association shall be to promote and encourage the breeding and raising of Quarter Horses and to all things allied thereto and support thereof. 4701 Marion St., Suite 307, Denver, CO 80216 Ph: 303-296-1143 Fax: 303-297-8576 email:

Spear Cross Productions LLC -

The Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (Ontario Division) -
Julie Coulter, General Manager The Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (Ontario Division) Phone: 416-675-3602 Fax: (416-675-9405 Email:

The HorseWorldData -
Free listings and links

Washington Thoroughbred Breeders Association -

Western Montana Turf Club -
Horse racing enthusiasts are invited to voice their opinions in the forum threads and polls and review news articles.