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"Historical racing" in Idaho? Idaho legislature giving it fair hearing

February 15, 2013     E-mail this page to a friend!

A bill that would allow "historical racing" terminals at Les Bois Park and other Idaho racetracks has cleared the first hurdle of its journey—getting a bill number assigned.

Proponents of the measure, who include Les Bois Park officials and the Idaho HBPA, presented their case in an hour-long meeting that resulted in a recommendation to send the bill along to the next step—the House State Affairs Committee.

The estimated economic boost to the State of Idaho and to horseracing purses could be enormous. A study commissioned by Les Bois Park and Idaho HBPA, based on what's happening in Arkansas and Kentucky, where historical racing is already avilable, projects $30 to $40 million in economic benefit to the state, which would generate $3 to $5 million in additional tax revenue.

Additionally, the groups estimate 200 new jobs would be generated in just the first year, and 500 jobs by the fifth year.

Now that the bill is printed and has a number—H0182—you can track the progress of the bill online at